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Managing my money

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You are a defensive investor. The financial risk must remain very low and you are prepared to accept lower returns to protect capital. This type of portfolio.


You are a moderately defensive investor seeking better than basic returns, but risk must be low. The moderately defensive investor is typically an investor seeking to


You are a balanced investor who wants a balanced portfolio to work towards medium to long-term financial needs. The balanced investor typically requires


You are a growth investor. The growth investor tends to invest for capital growth potential as opposed to income returns. The growth investor’s portfolio may include

Goals Based Advice

Goals are important because they help you achieve what you want in life. We’ve all got dreams, things we want to do, see, own and be. By turning these into achievable goals, they give us motivation and purpose. Understandably, your financial goals will change over your lifespan. You need a financial plan to suit the stage of life you are in. Financial planner will be able to help you plan to set up realistic goals and strategies to achieve your goals.

Managing my money

A financial plan should be placed in writing, consider your short, medium and long-term financial goals

Risk Profile Questionnaire

To understand how much risk is right for you we need to understand your risk appetite. Please download and complete a risk Profile questionnaire.( Digital Risk Profile document )

Data Collection

Please download and complete this form to understand your overall situation.

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